West Rail Line

Decatur - Federal Station


Artist : Michael Clapper
Dedication Date: 2006

Moved from Colfax and Federal Bus Transfer Facility December 2013.

A series of three sandstone sculptures feature children's handprints pressed into the piece. The handprints come from the local children in the neighborhood. The sculptures are located west of the bus gates in the plaza area.


Artist : Jolt
Dedication Date: 2011

Urban art is a popular concept using creativity, whimsical designs, and vibrant colors, all while using one main tool—a spray paint can. Spanning nearly 110 feet, this mural is displayed on the north wall under the Federal Boulevard bridge and can be seen from the train and pedestrian walkway leading down to the Decatur-Federal Station.

City of Dreams

Artist : Joshua Wiener
Dedication Date: April 2013

The “City of Dreams” sculpture echoes Downtown Denver’s Skyline and features the train & tracks throughout the ‘city’. Standing 19 feet tall and 14 feet wide, made of steel and LED lights, the piece incorporates a variety of different color lighting— green, blue, purple—mirroring the diversity and character of neighborhoods surrounding the station.

Knox Station

Illuminating Path

Artist : Jose Aguirre
Dedication Date: July 2014

Woven together with thousands of half inch mosaic pieces, the “Illuminating Path” was pieced carefully together by local students at La Academia in Denver with oversight from the artist. This uniquely-cultured piece rests on the retaining wall at Knox Court Station spanning 23 individual panels, each 30 inches tall by 60 inches wide.

Perry Station


Artist : Joshua Wiener
Dedication Date: June 2014

Paralleling the W Line, this “Interconnectivity” piece is made of stone and LED lights. Illuminated at night, the dual pieces serve as a beacon, lighting the way down to the Perry Station.

Sheridan Station

Gift of Rain

Artist : John Fleming
Dedication Date: October 2013

As Colorado is a relatively dry state and with an artist from Seattle, Washington, it’s no surprise that he would give us the “Gift of Rain.” This dynamic piece—made of steel cables, aluminum and prismatic reflective strips 24 inches to 48 inches long—falls like rain on the east side of the Sheridan Bridge at Sheridan Station.

Lamar Station

Lakewood Legacy Trees

Artist : Lonnie Hanzon
Dedication Date: May 2014

Whimsical and animated are two words that describe this piece perfectly. Incorporated into the 40West Arts district, these five sculpted trees emulate the historical elements of the neighborhoods surrounding the Lamar Station, which include agricultural and transportation components.

Lakewood - Wadsworth Station

Rain and Sun

Artist : John Rogers
Dedication Date: May 2013

Symbolic of Colorado’s weather patterns, these two “chandeliers” hang over the stair cases leading up to the station platform on the east and west side of Wadsworth. The pieces of glass attached to cables capture the light at different times of day and night with ever changing effects.

Ha-no-oo Start Calendar

Artist : Scott Parsons
Dedication Date: April 2013

Originally located at 16th and California Station, 500-square-foot granite mosaic walkway was moved to the Lakewood•Wadsworth Station in February 2013. The title of the piece, "Ha-no-oo", is the Arapahoe word for "galaxy." Just as the stars are used for navigation, artist Scott Parsons relates the rail station as "a metaphor for navigation." The mosaic itself represents the 10,000-year history of native migrations as displayed in the night skies above Colorado, recorded in 21 indigenous languages.


Winds of Change

Artist : Mike Squared Mosaics
Dedication Date: April 2013

Mosaic panels stretch along 20 sections of the wall at the Garrison station portraying the passage of time from prehistoric days to the present, tied together with white tile “wind”. Whimsical tiles gathered from the community and other various places are embedded into the artwork, making it fun to see from the train as well as up close viewing by waiting passengers.

Kipling Bridge

Kipling Cascades

Artist : John Fleming
Dedication Date: October 2013

Aluminum strips hanging from the south sides of the light rail bridge over Kipling Avenue form “curtains” and take on the adjacent ambient light at night. On the north side, above the bike path and facing southbound traffic, the artwork gives the impression of the strips being pulled through the bridge.

Oak Station

Tread Lightly

Artist : Joshua Wiener
Dedication Date: June 2014

A series of seven colorful steel boats suspended on whimsical legs “tread” across the station plaza taking viewers away to another place. This unusual artwork catches the eye from the train, the parking lot and the adjacent street.

Federal Center Station

Color Field

Artist : Ivan Depeña
Dedication Date: May 2014

The artwork is a sort of dysfunctional sundial derived to cast ever-changing patterns of color across more than 100 feet of ramps, stairs and walkways. Each of the 18 "tree-like" installations change constantly and have a direct relationship with the landscape and the solar system. The glass pieces vary in size position and with the varying angles of the sun throughout the year, they serve as a mechanism to produce an ever-evolving experience.

Red Rocks College Station

Look Ahead

Artist : Aphidoidea
Dedication Date: June 2014

The "Look Ahead" sculpture is symbolic of the exchange point between Red Rocks Community College and the communities surrounding the school. Red Rocks Community College is a beacon of knowledge and a point of arrival into higher learning, while simultaneously it is a point of departure into opportunity. The two large undulating planes suggest the motion of arriving and departure, while one shape suggests the "arriving" into the station, the other shape implies "departing" into a journey of opportunity.

Jefferson County Government Center - Golden Station


Artist : Ball-Nogues Studio
Dedication Date: December 2014

In the near future, the Jefferson County Government Center-Golden Station will have its own artwork, too. Four sections of the parking structure overlooking the tracks will have a digital clock that will reflect the correct time onto the ground below. The location of the reflection will vary throughout the day and year. Each 8 foot by 8 foot panel will feature colored glass along with “smartglass” which will keep the time. This piece replicates the history of clocks at train stations in a new unique way.


Along the way

Artist : Nancy O’Neil
Dedication Date: April 2014

A series of 28 windscreens located at nine West Rail stations. These windscreens protect passengers from the elements and provide color and culture while you wait.

Relay houses


  • Aphidoidea
  • Laurie Romberg
  • Johanna Parker
  • Tim Stortz
  • Michelle Wolins
  • Craig Rouse
  • Katherine Ross
  • Martha Pinkard Williams
  • Buddy Bravo

The aluminum relay houses assist with powering the train and are positioned all along the West Real Line. Wrapping these boxes in vinyl gives a renewed sense of place to the neighborhood where they reside and creates visual interest along the line. There are 35 wrapped relay houses, each with a unique and colorful design.