Gold Rail Line

Pecos Junction

Roots Crossing

Artist : Bimmer Torres
Dedication Date: coming soon

One of Denver's master urban artist/muralist is creating art for the retaining wall, bridge pier and pedestrian ramp walls at the commuter rail station. "Roots Crossing" will feature painted steel, tile and paint. It's a brilliantly colorful display of many different modes of transportation and the people who will use the station.

Clear Creek & Federal


Artist : Addison Karl
Dedication Date: coming soon

The art for the Clear Creek & Federal Station will be 190 feet long by 28 feet high. The materials Karl will use will include MTN 94s spray paint, acrylic paint and a paint sprayer. "My intent is to integrate art into the existing environment, creating harmony, balance, and adding life to an otherwise colorless wall while also encouraging the viewer to consider space, culture and the larger world," Karl said.

60th & Sheridan

Gold Pour

Artist : Aaron T. Stephan
Dedication Date: coming soon

Stephan's work is aptly named - it is 400 feet of "gold" pouring over the commuter rail platform wall. It will actually be created from glass and gold mosaic tiles. The G Line has a rich history related to gold. It passes near the place in Arvada where gold was first discovered in Colorado.

Olde Town Arvada

Track Bone

Artist : Frank Swanson
Dedication Date: coming soon

His work for the Olde Town Arvada Station on the G Line will appear in the station's transit plaza. This creation will be made of Colorado rose red granite. It's dimensions will be 4.5' x 7' x 28'.

Frank Swanson of Swanson Stone been providing the highest quality custom stone creations for many of the finest residences and institutions in Colorado for more than 20 years.

Arvada Ridge

Chromatic Harvest

Artists : Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton
Dedication Date: coming soon

"A vibrant, kaleidoscopic effect connects Arvada's agricultural past with its dynamic present. We envision an artistic gesture that features agricultural landscapes in an array of abstracted kaleidoscopic compositions," the artists explain. "This effect is presented on 'folded' ceramic steel panels, to create a lenticular effect that changes with the viewer's perspective. These folded panels will be integrated onto the Arvada Ridge commuter rail station plaza wall and the east underpass wall."

Wheat Ridge - Ward Station

Anchored By Place

Artist : Michael Clapper
Dedication Date: coming soon

"Anchored by Place" will be featured at the end-of-line Wheat Ridge and Ward commuter rail station along the G Line. The artwork will measure 23 feet x 45 feet x 6 feet and it'll be made of stainless steel and anodized brass.

Clapper explains his art: "I feel that my work, created mostly from carved stone and fabricated steel, tells its story through a visual language of dignified restraint. By using materials such as stone, metal and carved graphics, I intentionally compose a natural palette of color, pattern and texture that are inherent within the materials themselves. But it is my ability to provide public artworks that convey the site's story through a powerful simplicity of form that I am most proud."


Atomic Number 79

Artist : Dardinelle Troen
Dedication Date: coming soon

Artist Dardinelle Troen created the artwork for the windscreen panels for the seven new commuter rail stations along the Gold "G" Line. Each station has a set of artwork that creatively depicts a different story, a different aspect of gold. The artwork consists of laminated glass of different colors with sandblasted and in-filled graphics mounted into an aluminum laser-cut frame surround.