LiVE Program

LiVE with the freedom of transit at your fingertips with RTD’s new LiVE Program, coming July 29, 2019.

Qualifying residents living in the RTD service area will save 40% off their fare with RTD’s new LiVE income-based fare discount program. Families and individuals at or below 185% of the federal poverty level are encouraged to apply on the State’s benefits site, PEAK, once the program is implemented.

Check out the timeline below to see how RTD has partnered with the community to create a new transit program that empowers Coloradans living in the RTD service area to LiVE their lives.

LiVE fare products

Local Regional Airport
3-Hour Pass
MyRide Smart Card
$1.80 $3.15 $6.30
3-Hour Pass
RTD Mobile Tickets app
$1.80 $3.15 Upgrade required
3 Hour Pass*
10-Ride Ticketbook

$18.00 $31.50 Upgrade required
Local Regional/Airport
Day Pass
RTD Mobile Tickets app
$3.60 $6.30

* Only available to nonprofit organizations


March 2017 – February 2018
RTD convenes a 25-member pass program working group, consisting of stakeholders from across the region, to evaluate RTD’s fare structure and pass programs. Regular meetings are held to seek public input and evaluate potential changes.
March 2018 – April 2018
An income-based fare discount program emerges as a key element of the group’s consensus recommendation to RTD’s Board of Directors. RTD staff analyzes the recommendation.
July 2018
Public feedback is collected at eight districtwide open houses, through an online comment form and by survey. Recommendations continue to be reviewed by staff and studied by the board.
September 2018
RTD’s board approves changes to fares and pass programs, with the income-based fare discount program to be implemented in summer 2019.
October 2018 – January 2019
RTD works with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology to begin developing an RTD program application option through the state’s existing public benefits application system, PEAK.
February 2019 – March 2019
RTD hosts meetings with internal and external stakeholders including schools, businesses, nonprofits and other advocacy groups to brainstorm a name and design for the program, provide marketing direction and discuss outreach tactics.
RTD negotiates an intergovernmental agreement with the state to develop changes in PEAK that allow LiVE Program applications to be submitted.
February 2019 - now
  • The LiVE Program application option through PEAK is developed and tested.
  • RTD collaborates with Denver Human Services to provide income verification and customer service functions for LiVE Program applicants.

RTD and its contractors complete all remaining technical and logistical details necessary to offer the LiVE Program, including:

  • The creation of all LiVE fare media and passes, including MyRide, mobile ticketing and nonprofit program options.
  • Securing a vendor for printing and mailing the proof of eligibility cards and developing a card management system.
  • Training of all RTD operators, fare inspectors, and sales and customer care agents on the new program and fare products.

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